Are You Looking For A Tree Service Specialist?

Are You Looking For A Tree Service Specialist?


Are You Looking For A Tree Service Specialist? Broedell Tree Services is the #1 option for tree services for you, with free estimates. Affordable prices along with quality work, on time, and on budget. We have the know-how to protect you and your family from tree disasters. Everyday objects such as trees can become deadly objects. Falling trees or branches on your property or loved one.


Broedell Landscaping business. Did you know with over 18 years of expertise in the tree care business? Insured and licensed for tree services. Known for first-class staff and safe work ethics. We have been serving the Palm Beaches for 18 years. Our longevity is a testament to our commitment. To quality craftsmanship, customer service, and low costs.


Tree service experts provide a range of residential and commercial tree services.


  • Tree Removal


  • Tree Trimming


  • Tree Thinning


  • Tree Formation


  • Tree Pruning


  • Stump Grinding


  • Tree Landscaping


  • Tree Fertilizing


  • Emergency Tree Services

Our history of satisfied customers. Team greets clients with a high degree of professionalism and respect. If you are looking for a tree removal service in The Palm Beaches. Our specialties are tree removal and hauling the tree away. Call on us for emergency tree services. Because of our dedication to total customer satisfaction.


Free estimates and 24-hour emergency services are available with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Commercial Tree Services


Our commercial tree care offers the industry-leading customer care. Also a complete selection of commercial as well as residential service. From tree trimming to tree removal in the Palm Beaches. Broedell’s team is known for exceptional customer support and competitive prices. Our goal is to provide the very best in Palm Beach professional tree care services.


We offer free estimates for all tree services.


Our company focuses on efficacy, quality, and safety. And has an unmatched dedication to customer service.


Broedell Tree Company stands above the competition. By offering expert knowledge of local tree species. And the latest in tree service tools and techniques. Broedell tree service business is licensed and insured for “your “protection. We offer our customers:


  • Dedicated Staff


  • Competitive Prices


  • Seasoned Tree Experts


Broedell local tree business has developed a reputation in the community. For being trustworthy, reliable, and competitively priced. Ask for a custom estimate and needs assessment today. Service quotes are completely free of charge. Upon receiving your estimate, you’re under no condition to keep on working with us.


Service Area’s


We operate throughout the Palm Beaches. You can find us working in Palm City, Stuart, Hobe Sound, Jupiter, and Tequesta. As far west as Jupiter Farms. Also in Palm Beach Gardens, Juno Beach and North Palm Beach. And we cannot forget our friends of West Palm Beach! If your cities are not mentioned, please call our office. We will let you know when we are in your neighborhood.


What do we offer our customers?


No two jobs will be exactly the same. We help supply affordable, realistic, and precise approximations for commercial and residential properties.


Tree Removal


This technique includes cutting a tree down. Removing all the limbs then the trunk down to the stump. From a commercial or residential property. Tree removal is achieved by scaling up the trees with our specialized equipment. Cutting the tree and lowering sections down. Or dropping piece by piece until the top half of the limbs are on the ground. If the client wants we will haul all the tree limbs.


Tree Trimming


Careful selection before trimming the limbs, branches is a must. The wrong cut and the tree will be subject to problems. The tree can even die from a bad trimming of the branches. To leave the tree lopsided and easy to fall over with bad weather. We are careful in the clearing of the canopy of the tree. Cutting the dead branches and the heavy leaves on branches is essential to the health of the tree. Many customers use local Broedell tree cutting services. They benefit in to bring more sunshine to the yard or their grassy yards.


Beautiful Tree Shaping


Overgrowth of trees that grows to close to drives, sidewalks, pools, decks. Shaping the trees on a maintenance schedule will benefit the property. Showing off the landscape of beautiful trees. Tree shaping only enhances the property and building. Our tree cutting service will shape, trim and prune your trees into a beautiful shape. Giving your home a custom trim to achieve a great curb appeal. Custom trim little or big trees the manner in which you would like.


Storm Preparation


Trimming a little of the very top of your tree off, although not topping. It’s going to lessen the potential for trees falling over during high winds and flood. Can definitely help get the weight of the tree. Keeping the root system more stable in a big storm. A good trim will allow the wind to gust through the tree. Due to high winds, tornadoes or hurricanes.


Tree Thinning


Thinning of branches has a lot of health benefits. Regular tree trims help create healthy and bigger, stronger tree limbs. Opening up the branches also helps the nutrients to get to the trimmed branches. Additionally more sunshine through the tree will help the tree plants below.


Tree Formation


Why shaping and thinning tree are limbs necessary? A Broedell tree shaping crew skilled and knowledgeable. To ensure they don’t hurt your tree or damage the structural development in the tree. Like ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes and high winds, break treetops, limbs, and branches.


Tree Pruning


What is pruning? The cutting of the limbs or the tips of the branches. This is to encourage healthy development of your tree. Tree pruning done on bushes to smaller shrub and fruit trees. Tree pruning and debris removal service at reasonable prices. Our fast crew that will haul any tree off, stumps or logs.


Emergency Tree Services – Removal and Tree Hauling


24/7 Emergency Services for Broedell Tree Service. Emergency Storm clearing of land. We use external friendly gear that won’t damage trees that you decide can stay on property. Broedell tree teams are fast and dependable. For Palm Beach, surrounding cities in Palm Beach and Martin County’s Florida.


Commercial Tree Services


If your tree is in the way of new building or is dead, dying and dangerous. To remove such a tree from the property. To keep people and property safe. The last thing you want is for any property to be damaged with falling tree limbs. Being proactive to remove any possible falling tree or branches.

Broedell tree service provides a custom method of tree removal. Guaranteed to fit your requirements and budget. Whatever the service level you choose, our skilled professionals are insured and licensed. You have no worries! Our team has the tools and the skills to get the project done on time, and at an affordable price.


Stump Grinding


The procedure for removing digging it up using a machine or stumps from a property using a stump grinder. We use a big stump grinder for big trees. And, a tiny streamlined grinder for hard to reach stumps in Florida.


Broedell Tree is trim experts that anyone is able to afford. On the current market and provides a broad variety of seasoned tree cutters.

Dangerous Trees


The most useful method to assess the fitness of trees would be to have our seasoned staff come to look. Where sickly trees are scrutinized staff does a visual inspection. Sometimes, a sickly tree may not have to remove. Quantify variables that impact survival rates like the hollowness of a tree.


Pruning is the procedure for removing select branches.


There are several reasons to get tree pruning. To get several reasons including to enhance your perspective. Or to help make the tree much more appealing, healthier and safer. Appearance and the well-being of trees enhance, prolonging their useful life. By removing unwanted branches, whether they’re dead, weakened, diseased or insect-infested. The worst thing you could do would be to remove a beautiful tree that does not have to be removed. A tree that is dying may be a risk to both your family and property across the lawn.


We provide custom removal services which fit your requirements and budget. In the event, you need to be aware of. When trees need to be removed, your sickly or damaged trees, we are able to help. It is vital that you prune branches that are dead, diseased or damaged. Not only can diseased branches cause difficulties.


Residential Tree Service

Are you needing Palm tree pruning and tree trimming removal services? The appropriate tree maintenance also encourages the health and longevity of a tree. And can improve the natural beauty of a tree. Leave the pruning to the professionals. Irreversible damage is done by improper pruning practices. Known for shortening the life of a tree and weakening the plant.

Security – Examples contain dead wood above a roof. Or lifting the crown that interferes using a motorist’s line of sight of a tree.


Tree Well-Being– Examples range from the removal of limbs that are dying or diseased. Crown thinning to improve wind and light penetration through the crown.


For a complimentary, no-obligation quote. Interested homeowners can visit their website at Broedell Tree Service is located at 172 Banyan Cir. Jupiter Florida 33458. They can be reached through calls to 561-220-0661 or via emails to [email protected]




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