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Beautiful Palm Tree Trimming!

Tree Trimming – Palm Tree Trimming –  Great Curb appeal starts with cleaning up the trees for a perfect Landscape of your home or business. Beautiful Palm Tree Trimming! Let Us Trim Your Trees For The Perfect Curb Appeal

Oak Trees Trimming

Oak Trees Trimming Beautiful trees with shade in the Florida Sun. We do the maintenance so you can rest and relax.

Tree Cutting Cost?

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Tree Solutions for Your Property’s Landscape Vision

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Expert Tree Trimming

Services by Broedell is a family owned and operated for 18 years. Committed to our community to deliver the highest level of customer services. Insured and licensed for full lawn care services.

  • Commercial Tree Removal

  • Plaza Tree Service

  • HOA Tree Trimming

  • School Tree Care

Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming. For all three types of trees. As well as plant hedge trimming, Big hedges that a residential property owner. Should not attempt to do the DIY tree trimming. Broedell team has the tree trimming tools. With the professional tools to get the job done fast and dependable. No fuss! No worries!

Tree Trimming All Kinds of Trees.

We trim all kinds of trees. Residential and Commercial trees can be on Broedell’s tree trimming schedule. We clean up the trees. Removing all the old branches.

Palm Tree Landscaping

Great curb appeal with beautiful trees that sway in the wind is a great backdrop to your home. Trimming your trees to keep up the look of your home great landscape. We do all the upkeep to your beautiful trees.

Palm Tree Trimming Service

Beautiful Palm Beach County known for its beautiful Palm Trees. We trim and shape any kind of palm tree. Queen Palm, Royal Palm Date Palms to name a few.

Palm Tree Trimming Cost

The cost to trim your tree pricing. It’s as simple as taking a picture and sending it in for a quote. We can often have same day services. Call early so we can work you in ASAP

Tree Trimmer

Our tree trimming crew are fast and dependable. Leaving your property in beautiful pristine condition. Your choice of where the tree debris goes. Stacking limbs at the curb or we can haul them away. Broedell is the tree trimmer company of choice.

Tree Trimming and Pruning.

Often the tree trimming and tree pruning used in the same context. The tree trimming for large trees as well as small trees. Maintenance of plant trimming hedge or Pruning hedges no matter what the size is. Broedell team is there for you and your property.

Trimming Large Trees

Tree Pruning to help save tree during storms

Big Trees, huge trees or small ones. You can find Broedell’s tree trimming team going up and down the streets. You can recognize us for our service vehicles marked and the team is in uniforms. Cutting and thinning the tree branches. Keeping your trees safe for the storm seasons.

Commercial Tree Trimming

Commercial Tree Trimming to keep the visitors of the property safe. While customers walking under the trees. All South Florida is hot and to get some shade is wonderful. But, it is a different story, if you have to worry about falling branches on your car or person.

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Shrubs of all types and sizes. Large Hedges can be great for property dividing and privacy. But can be hard to keep manicured as well as you might like. Call a professional team to keep your trees and hedges. Looking good all year long.

Tree Cutting

Tree cutting done on a schedule is better. Keep your property looking great all year long. Tree cutting and limb cutting maintenance are at least 2 times a year. The property owner usually sets the schedule when and how tall the plants should be.

Tree Cutting Prices – 

Prices for cutting a tree for your yard or business is easy to find out. Take a picture of the tree and call us for a tree cutting estimate. When we see the pictures we will be able to give you a Free Quote.

Commercial tree trimming to clean up the property.

Tree Cutting Company

Cutting the top of trees sometimes needs is to reshape a tree or to fit into the landscape. Tree toppers often have to use a cherry picker to get up in the tree. Call your professional team to take care of all the big jobs. Keeping you and your family safe. Is what the Broedell team is all about.

Trimming Tree Branches

Your standard tree trimming of small branches or limbs. The process of crown trimming of major branches. Crown trimming is usually from storm damage or the branch is now dead from some kind of trauma in the past. To reduce the danger our team will remove the affected branches. Removal of a tree that is dead or dying is important. To keep property and people safe from dropping branches.

Residential Tree Trimming

Complete tree services for residential tree trimming and commercial tree care services. Specialize in large tree trimming and shaping of your trees or hedges. Services to help restore the look of the workplace or home after a storm. Contract tree trimming for your home or business. We shape the trees to look all the same on your property. Tree shaping is very popular and gives a very polished look to your property. Tree professionals specialize in trimming tree trimming of all kinds of trees.

Some of our Tree Trimming Services Call for an Instant Tree Cutting Estimate

  • Landscape Trees

  • Fruit Tree Trimming

  • Palm Tree Trimming

  • Trimming Maple Trees

  • Pine Tree Cutting

  • Hedge Trimming and Maintenance

Tree Cutting Service Near Me – Servicing Tequesta to West Palm Beach.

Tree Cutting Service Near Me - Brodell tree services is just a call away

Tree Cutting Service Near Me –

Tree Trimming Estimates 

Broedell’s tree cutting services Since 2000. Taking care of our clients with 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We offer Free Estimates and competitive pricing. Call us to get an appointment to have the team project leader come to see your property. And give you an affordable tree trimming price.

Affordable Tree Trimming

Looking for tree trimming that does not break the budget? You have come to the right place. We know trees and a fair price to trim any tree. Call us and we can talk about your trees.

Residential Tree Trimming

 Tree trimming and tree cutting services. Affordable and we offer competitive pricing. So you know you’re getting the best service in town. Call us today so we can book your appointment as soon as possible.

Tree Trimming Cost

How much to trim all the trees in my yard? Call us and we can give you a Free Quote for one or two trees. If there are several trees, we will have to come for a visit to give you a Free Bid. Our service vans are all over Palm Beach County. So there is a good chance that there will be a tree trimmer team near you. Call us to see if there are “Tree Cutters near me.”


“Broedell Landscaping did a great job trimming our palm trees. They even pruned the palms growing towards the seawall, over the water. Chris always leaves our yard looking clean and free of debris. Highly recommended.”

– Jessica Tressler

Broedell Landscape came to my house on PB Island trimmed all of our trees on the property gave me a price to maintain the property saved me $100.00 a month. Few weeks later he installed plants, trees, mulch, and some new grass on the property. I have been using Chris since 2013 and plan on using him.

I highly recommend his company to other people in search of a landscape contractor/lawn maintenance. What’s good about his company once he arrives he takes over and you don’t have to call other.

Dougy Long

5.0   |  02-08-2017Review by Carol R. in West Palm Beach, FLProject: Trim Treesthey were on time did excellent work and excellent clean up afterwards

5.0 | 06-22-2018

Review by Mark P. in North Palm Beach, FL

Project: Remove Trees

Straight forward description of work, timely, efficient and kept work area clean. Recommend highly.

5.0 | 06-21-2018
Review by Dave M. in North Palm Beach, FL
Project: Trim Trees
Professional, great communication, excellent results and talented tree trimmers

5.0 | 06-13-2018
Review by Sharon G. in North Palm Beach, FL
Project: Trim Trees
Very professional, quick response, always communicated, top notch work, and will use them again.

5.0 | 05-31-2018
Review by Lisa W. in Jupiter, FL
Project: Trim Trees
They were 110% excellent. I was extremely impressed by their customer service, attention to detail, timelyness, professionalism, & tree trimming ability! Highly recommend!!

3.0 | 05-30-2018
Review by Denice B. in Wellington, FL
Project: Remove Trees

5.0 | 05-01-2018
Review by Gilda A. in Wellington, FL
Project: Trim Trees
Got the job done in one day. Trimmed trees and left property immaculate! Highly recommend !

5.0 | 04-26-2018
Review by Cal C. in West Palm, FL
Project: Remove Trees
When my wife came home, she couldn’t believe the quality of work that had been done. She LOVED it. Happy wife…happy life. I have a happy life!

5.0 | 04-18-2018
Review by George G. in Boca Raton, FL
Project: Trim Trees
the work and cleanup was excellent! the price was fair and Chris was very professional.

5.0 | 04-16-2018
Review by Roger M. in Jupiter, FL
Project: Trim Trees
Chris was here through out the process. He supervised his workers, gave them appropriate direction, made suggestions as to what and how much to trim, and made sure everything was cleaned up afterwards. I would highly recommend them and would not hesitate to use them again

5.0 | 04-12-2018
Review by Dan P. in Wellington, FL
Project: Trim Trees

5.0 | 04-12-2018
Review by Dan P. in Wellington, FL
Project: Trim Trees
Chris was here a day early and did a fantastic job trimming our bougainvillea and live oak tree. Highly recommended.

5.0 | 04-11-2018
Review by Ralph D. in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Project: Remove Trees
Terrific service! Great price! An owner that listened to my needs and directed his team to meet them. This is what Broedell Landscape did for me. You can’t do much better than this! I’d recommend them to anybody!!

5.0 | 04-11-2018
Review by Debbie S. in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Project: Remove Trees
Professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I’m very happy with the outcome. I was extremely anxious about removing such a large old tree so close to my house

5.0 | 04-03-2018
Review by Catherine D. in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Project: Trim Trees
I received a quick response from Chris, and he was able to give me an estimate after I texted pictures of my trees to him. His price was below my other estimate, and he was able to do the job the day I needed it done. I highly recommend this business.

5.0 | 03-27-2018
Review by Chris X.
Project: Remove a Tree Stump
Very good service.

Top Notch Tree Service – Why Choose Us?

Broedell Tree Services is the leading tree trimmers in the Palm Beaches. Besides keeping our neighborhoods beautiful. We keep them safe from falling branches and harm to your property. Cars and homes will sometimes have a falling tree branch land on your car or home causing lots of damage. Sometimes the wind is so strong enough to push over a tree with lots of leaves. The leaves act as a wall and wind cannot blow through. Or the ground gets soaked from too much rain. The roots of a big tree that is heavy on top will fall over. Trimming on a schedule is what we recommended. This is why you should call Brodell Tree Services.

Here are some of our benefits:

  • Best Tree Trimmers

  • Same Day Service

  • Fast & Free Estimates over the phone.

  • All size trees trimmed or removed.

  • Affordable and competitive prices.

Best Guarantee!

What makes us different than other Tree Care Companies isn’t plan and simple we care more. 

Broedell’s is an owner that is part of the community that lives and works right here in Palm Beach County. This kind of caring can only come from a business owner. One like Chris Broedell that strives for excellence and it shows in our community.

  • We have the highest customer retention rate in the industry.
  • We have 18 years of experience.
  • We’re locally owned fully bonded and insured.
  • We offer the best guarantee in the business: If you’re not 100% satisfied – we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.

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