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Tree Pruning 

Tree pruning. Broedell tree care is all about your property and your trees. Broedlell has been trimming local trees since 2000. The professional dressed crew that treats your trees as if they were their own trees. There are 3 main reasons that are needed for pruning trees or trimming trees they are for the health of the tree, aesthetics or a safety issue.

  • Health– if your tree becomes infested it is best to trim away the area and thin the tree to the crown. Thinning the crown help in the air to flow thru the tree. Any branches that rub or crossover should also be removed before an unexpected fall happens.
  • Aesthetics– Best plan of trimming your tree to help maintain the shape of your tree. Try to avoid cutting a large section all at once. Instead, do this over a period of years to get the desired effect.
  • Safety– Branches that obstruct the view of your driveway or vision from your car should be cut. Dead or dying branches too can fall at any time and can cause liability to the property owner and damage to property and people. Branches that are close to power lines should be handled by the utility company.

Tree Pruning Company

Broedell is your tree trimming company of choice to improve and maintain your curb appeal year round.  Tree shaping is necessary to keep the look of our trees looking manicured. Call Broedell tree services to set up a maintenance schedule to look after your trees too.

Pruning Services

Pruning Definition: Verb Trim (a tree, bush or shrub) cut away overgrown or dead branches, to increase desired fruit or growth of the tree.

Cut Away “Prune back the branches” Done on large and small trees. Mostly for branches that are obstructing the view of cars or traffic.

Reduce (something) by removing superfluous or unwanted parts. ”reduction achieved by pruning e cost.”

Pruning Fruit Trees

Commercial Tree Trimming

Tree Pruning for fruit trees for the health, safety, and aesthetics should be done by a professional. Care of your fruit trees for not only the trimming or pruning but for fertilizer and installation of an irrigation system to assure your trees get water fast and just the right amount so you don’t waste your money. Tree planing from tree branches or grafting is the fastest way to get fruit from your trees. Like a fruit tree to keep the branches lower. This helps when it’s harvest time.

When to prune trees?

Best time of year to trim trees is before spring starts. Selection of the branches to prune is going to shape the whole plant or tree. First, prune the dead or broken branches. Then select the tree branches that cross over each other. Next Careful selection of branches that can obstruct the view or if the tree is getting too tall.

Since neglect or over pruning a tree can kill a healthy tree, pruning your trees at the right time and the proper way will encourage flower and fruit production, removes dead branches or damaged branches, improves plant health and while adding an aesthetic appeal to a tree.


Tree Pruning Service 


“Broedell Landscaping did a great job trimming our palm trees. They even pruned the palms growing towards the seawall, over the water. Chris always leaves our yard looking clean and free of debris. Highly recommended.”

– Jessica Tressler

Broedell Landscape came to my house on PB Island trimmed all of our trees on the property gave me a price to maintain the property saved me $100.00 a month. Few weeks later he installed plants, trees, mulch, and some new grass on the property. I have been using Chris since 2013 and plan on using him.

I highly recommend his company to other people in search of a landscape contractor/lawn maintenance. What’s good about his company once he arrives he takes over and you don’t have to call other. 

Dougy Long

Why Choose Us?

Best Guarantee!

What makes us different than other Tree Care Companies isn’t plan and simple we care more. 

  • We care that your property is beautiful to the eye and healthy to keep growing for years to come. 
  • We care and our clients often say we take care of their property as if it was their own. 
  • We care that our goals are met every day to keep our clients happy with our services. 

Broedell’s is an owner that is part of the community that lives and works right here in Palm Beach County. This kind of caring can only come from a business owner that strives for excellence and it shows in our community. 

  • We have the highest customer retention rate in the industry.
  • We have 18 years of experience.
  • We’re locally owned fully bonded and insured.
  • We offer the best guarantee in the business: If you’re not 100% satisfied – we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.

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