Commercial and Residential Tree Services

Commercial and Residential Tree Services. Need Commercial and residential tree removal services? Trees can be a great liability to the business or homeowner. We remove the dead or dying trees that are dangerous and at risk of falling. Our team of very experienced team of experts that are Licensed and insured.

Palm Tree trimming usually is done on a maintenance schedule. Trimming off dead and broken branches, and to thin tree canape for the air to flow through the tree before hurricane season. 


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Prune trees with the right tools and careful selection of the branches to cut. Crown thinning is preparing for storms so the air flows right through, minimizing the damage from strong winds.

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Removal of a tree that is dead or dying is important to keep property and people safe from dropping branches. Big Tree Removal cost = the risk, size of the tree and extra services for hauling away.

Residential Tree Services

 Broedell services start with the evaluation of the tree removal. That is relative to the risk of removal to other plants and buildings. We have 18 years experience in tree removal and hauling the tree pieces away. We are affordable and have competitive pricing.


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Stump GrindingStump granulating done the proper way. Broedell Tree Providers makes use of stamp grinder that deals with a large flywheel equipped with cutting teeth. The administrator relocates the shaper head over the stump and roots, grinding it away.

Stump Grinding on your house will certainly:

– Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

– Increment Property Value

– Remove Hazards

– Will Certainly Allow the Replanting of Trees Within The General Location

Whatever the factor, rely on Broedell’s tree elimination services to evacuate your tree( s) firmly and in a safe and secure and also risk-free method while offering you substantial calmness that you picked the most preferably furnished the team for the task! Anticipate cost-effectiveness with Broedell on your side.

Tree Removal 

Beautiful lawn starts with the look of the property. To take dying trees out but, we have to replant a new tree on the property too. HOA rules are like neighboring HOA developments. Property management and rules are a top priority for the Broedell team. Very experienced and will install the healthiest plants on your property.  

Call on our team to help get your property back into the business. Trees fall and property gets damaged. We work hard to get the tree removed from your property as soon as possible.  Tree Trimming, pruning, shaping and trimming of a tree. All these services help keep your property beautiful and healthy.  Tree trimming is what makes our trees beautiful but is necessary to keep the tree healthy.

Trimming the selected branches that are relative to grow a strong trunk. Pruning the right branches gives more nutrition to the trunk of the tree and enhances the growth of the tree. 

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“Broedell Landscaping did a great job trimming our palm trees. They even pruned the palms growing towards the seawall, over the water. Chris always leaves our yard looking clean and free of debris. Highly recommended.”

– Jessica Tressler

Broedell Landscape came to my house on PB Island trimmed all of our trees on the property gave me a price to maintain the property saved me $100.00 a month. A few weeks later he installed plants, trees, mulch, and some new grass on the property. I have been using Chris since 2013 and plan on using him.

I highly recommend his company to other people in search of a landscape contractor/lawn maintenance. What’s good about his company once he arrives he takes over and you don’t have to call other. 

Dougy Long

Why Choose Us?

Best Guarantee!

What makes us different than other Tree Care Companies isn’t plan and simple we care more. 

  • We care that your property is beautiful to the eye and healthy to keep growing for years to come. 
  • We care and our clients often say we take care of their property as if it was their own. 
  • We care that our goals are met every day to keep our clients happy with our services. 

Broedell’s is an owner that is part of the community that lives and works right here in Palm Beach County. This kind of caring can only come from a business owner that strives for excellence and it shows in our community. Making Palm Beach County beautiful one property at a time.  

  • We have the highest customer retention rate in the industry.
  • We have 18 years of experience.
  • We’re locally owned fully bonded and insured.
  • We offer the best guarantee in the business: If you’re not 100% satisfied – we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.
  • Competitive Price
  • Affordable Services


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